Footsteps / You Don’t Know

Crying Time / When My Dreamboat Comes Home

Adventures In Flamenco

A Ray Of Country Sun

She Loves To Rock/in Self Defense

Unforgettable Songs

The Quiet Hour

That’s My Story/tia-juana Blues

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing / Fade Out Fade In

Put Your Head On My Shoulder / Don’t Ever Leave Me

Dottie / In The Meantime

Let’s Get Lost

Wont’cha Come Home / Come Into My Heart

For Love/no If’s-no And’s

Susie Darlin’ / Piddle De Pat

From A Schhol Ring To A Wedding Ring / Young Love

Monkey Beat / The Bride The Bride

Calypso Dance Party

Good Old Fashioned Lovin / It Was My Father’s Habit

The Brighest Smile In Town / Don’t Set Me Free

I Wake Up Crying / Smack Dab In The Middle

The One I Adore / You Belong To My Heart

Guitar Twangy With A Beat

Stop ! Look ! & Listen !

Amen/long Long Winter

Swing Softly With Me

Running Away / Vows Of Love

Wizard Of The Strings

Save Your Kisses / Sheila

There Will Be Better Years / Come On

Happy Birthday, Mama / Under Your Spell Again

Mary And Man-o / I Ain’t Givin Up Nothin

In The Summer Of His Years / If I Can Help Somebody

Baby, Baby, Baby, Be Mine / I’m Blue, Sad And Lonely

Miracle Of Love/ Two Innocents Hearts

All Time Great Hits

How Sweet It Is

Put Your Head On My Shoulder / Don’t Ever Leave Me

Cinderella / Kissin On The Phone

Ol Man Time / That Lucky Old Sun

Beautiful Love / Angels Don’t Live On Earth

Let Me Belong To You / Let It Die !

Chains Of Love / Sneakin’ Around

You Ask Me / I’m Gonna Sit In Till You Give In

Born Too Late / Come On Joey Dance With Me

Gonna Take A Chance / Don’t Cry Donna

Sham Rock / Big Name Button

Boomerang / Boo-ga-loo

Real Live Girl / Need You

Need You / Real Live Girl