Jerry Lee Lewis The Essential Tracks180 gr.


Up Through The Years 1956-1963180 gr.


Killer hits

Jerry Lee’s greatest !


High School Confidential / Fools Like Me

Down The Line / Breathless

Breathless / Down The Line

Livin Lovin Wreck / What’d I Say

Great Balls Of Fire

Teenage Letter / Seasons Of My Heart

What’d I Say / Livin Lovin Wreck

Cold Cold Heart / It Won’t Happen With Me

Let’s Talk About Us / The Ballad Of Billy Joe

Whole Lotta Hits

The Golden Cream Of The Country

Your Loving Ways / I Can’t Trust Me In Your Arms Anymore

Hello Josphine / Cold Cold Feart

High School Confidential / Fools Like Me

It Won’t Happen With Me / Cold Cold Heart

Breathless / Down The Line

Slipping Around / She Still Comes Around (to Love What’s Left Of Me)

Love On Broadway / Matchbox

You Went Out Of Your Way (to Walk On Me) / Once More With Feeling

It Hurt Me So / I’ll Sail My Ship Alone

What’s Made Milwaukee Famous / All The Good Is Gone

Me And Bobby Mcgee / Would You Take Another Chance On Me

One Minute Past Eternity / Frankie & Johnny

She Still Comes Around / Slipping Around

Great Balls Of Fire / You Win Again