Let Me / I Don’t Know

Dirty Water / Rari

Sinerisme (sealed)




Am I High / It’s A Gas

Cycle-delic Sounds


Just Like Us !

Uniquely Yours


I Need Somebody / ”8” Teen

Terry Knight and the Pack

Electric Comic Book

The Best Of The Five Americans

The Haunted

I’m Gonna Rock On You

My Baby Hully Gully’s / Honest I Do

Are Happening The Best Of The Leaves

Black Time180 g

She’s Got The Time / Love Is Real

96 Tears

The Mgm Singles

Good Time Music / Keep It Up

The Best Of

The Best Of The Boston Sound

The Best Of The Five Americans

Freeway / Fugitive

The Very Best Of The Gentrys Cinnamon Girl

Money / Bent Scepter

Killer Joe / Little Green Thing


The Savage Young Sonics

You / Little Girl

Pipe Dream / There’s A Chance We Can Make It

Sound Of Love / Sympathy

The Outcasts / I See The Light

Sympathy/ Sound Of Love

Sing Along With


You Make Me Feel So Good / I Never Should Have Run Away

Beat The Clock / Like You Do To Me

Little Girl / You

It’s About My Baby / I Want Candy

The Clouds / The Lonely Jet Pilot

The Lonely Jet Pilot / The Clouds

The Lonely Jet Pilot / The Clouds

Ju Ju Hand / Big City Lights

My Day’s Gonna Come / Black Sheep

Old Macdonald Had A Boogaloo Farm / I Never Had No One

Banned In Boston / Money’s My Problem

How Do You Catch A Girl / The Love You Left Behind

Louie Louie / Night Train