Compton (A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre) (sealed)


Thank You 4 the Service

The Party’s Over

2Pacalypse Now

Enter the wu tang 36 chambers

Ez Up / My Life / Ghetto Movie

Mm Food


Born Like This



The Chronic (sealed)


Solid Gold Hits

The Diary of J Dilla (sealed)


Egyptian Lover 1983-1988 (sealed)


Planet Rock – remixes (sealed)


Beneath The Surface (sealed)


Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (sealed)


Waxin Lyrical: Part Two (sealed) Exploring The Roots Of Rap With The Lyrical Masters


Blacc Hollywood

Rapper’s Delight (Short Version) / Rapper’s Delight (Long Version)


Like Water For Chocolate


Common Be


Animal Ambition (An Untamed Desire To Win)


Terminate On Sight




Hush / Rub My Back


Livin Proof

Body Movin’


Lip Lock


The last temptation

Gang Related Soundtrack160 g


when you wasnt famous


Disturbing the peace


The last temptation



Reflection eternal revolutions per minute

Everybody Wants Some


Royal Flush / Dollars Of Fists

Shoulder Lean (6 mixes)

Dangerous (4 Mixes)


The Low End Theory

The Phoenix

Nine Lives

Drinking From The sun

Too Many Rappers (3 Mixes)

The Brand Nubian Collection 26 Original Full Length Songs Used By Brand Nubian

Black Sunday180 g


Time Bomb – Dj Mars Session.01

Year Of The Dog Again

The Hip Hop Box

Presents Westside