Johnny Burnette & The Rock N Roll Trio180 gr.

Pete’s Place

The Gang That Sang “Heart Of My Heart” / Happy Birthday To You / Oh Marie / (New Shanty Town) In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town

Love Is Strange / You’re The One


I Hear The Angels Singing / Cry Baby

Red Hot Love / Goodnight Irene


Don’t Forget / Say No More

Rock-a-billy Blues / Sure Nuff

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore / Raining In My Heart

You’re The One / Love Is Strange

Millie’s Riff / The Grind

Take Me To Your Leader / Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu

A Prayer And A Penny / Moonlight Madness

Time Out For Tears / Hungry For Your Love

Take Me To Your Leader / Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu

Sing Sing Sing / I Don’t Care / Gonna Get Along Without You Now / Roll Them Roly Boly Eyes

Empty Arms / A Tear Fell / Ricochet / Till I Waltz Again With You

Indian Love Call Part 1 / Indian Love Call Part 2

You Go To My Head / Village In Capri

Your Love Is My Love / Don’t Knock The Rock

The Dipsy Doodle / Take This Heart

Peggy Sue / Everyday

Peggy Sue / Everyday

Goodnight Pretty Girl / Some Summer

Why Should I Cry / Wooden Heart

Thousands Of Tears / Bye Bye Blues

Don’t You Think It’s Time / Loneliness

Theme From My Geisha/ When I Fall In Love

Raw Holly

I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter / Date With The Blues

Queen Anne’s Lace

Lonely Me / Honey Bee

How Could You Forget Me/he Asked Me

Dancin With Someone Breakin In The Blues / Till I Waltz Again With You Hello Bluebird

I’ll String Along With You / Don’t Worry Bout Me

You Still Mean The Same To Me / Sweet And Gentle

Foolish Tears / O’ Falling Star

Last Year’s Bikini / Sincerely Yours

This Love Of Mine / I Know Your Kind

Just As Much As Ever / You Have No Idea

Sweetie Pie / I’ll Think Of You

To Be Loved / I Don’t Know Why

He’s Got The Whole Worl In His Hands / Flipped Over You

Till There Was You / Bobby

The Goose / The Gander

Fred Astaire’s Cavalcade Of Dance

How I Wish You’d Fall In Love / The Poor Of Paris Texas

See If I Care / Too Late The Spring

Tears On My Pillow / Space Ship