Rapper’s Delight (Short Version) / Rapper’s Delight (Long Version)


Masterpiece / Masterpiece (Instrumental)


The Swiss Maid / You Never Talked About Me

Fly Disco Fly


Terry / The Boy Of My Dreams

Pretty Little Angel Eyes / Gee How I Wish You Were Here

Kind Of A Drag / You Make Me Feel So Good

Little Town Flirt / The Wamboo

Till We Kissed / Shakin’ All Over

Doc Williams Sings New And Old Favorites


If I Can’t Have You / My Heart Cries

Steel Guitar Rag / The Girl I’m Searching For

She’s The One / Slippin Thru Your Fingers

Hole In The Wall / Go ‘Head On

Release Me / Dont Feel Rained On

Stop And Think It Over / Bad Luck

1984 (Radio Re-Mix) / 1984 (Radio Re-Mix)


She’d Rather Be With Me / The Walking Song

There’s a kind of rush / no milk today

Till we kissed / shakin all over

Square Dance Time

I Don’t Know What It Is / You Can’t Get Away From Love

Lost In A Dream / Fannie Mae

Coming Back To You / Since I Found You

If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody / You’re In Love

Broadway / What’s Gonna Happen When Summer’s Done

Tossin & Turnin / I Want You To Love Me

Dreams And Wishes/mr. Brush

He’s Sure The Boy I Love / Walkin Along La La La

Uptown / What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen

Lullaby Of The Bells / It’s Only You Dear

Ride Your Pony / The Kitty Kat Song

Calypsos, Too Hot To Handle

Girl In The Window / Born Of Hate

If I Can’t Have You

Really Bigtime / Tuff-a-nuff

Don’t Drop It / Baby Don’t You Know

My Baby Hully Gully’s / Honest I Do

The Snake / Right Now

Everybody Needs Love / I Wake Up Crying

For All Time / Beg Me

Rain / She’s My Girl

Why / They Don’t See

Bye Bye Baby / I Love An Angel

You’ll Lose A Good Thing / Lonely Heartache

Fair Exchange/i Love You Mostly

Little Ole Lovemaker / It

Lost The Right / Baby You’re A Long Time Dead

Twistin Matilda / I Can’t Hold Out Any Longer

Treat Em Tough / Church Street In The Summertime