Lover’s Holiday / Here With Me

Take Care Of My Heart / Please Give Me A Match

It’s Love That Really Counts / Stop The Music

I Could Conquer The World / How Would You Like Me To Love You

Maybe / Come My Little Baby

Marina / Manuela

Let’s Twist Again / Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Stay / Goodnight My Love

Shop Around / Who’s Lovin You

Turn Me Loose / Stop Thief!

You Tell Me Why / I Want You

Sherry / I’ve Cried Before

Go, Jimmy, Go / I Trusted You

Cherry Lips / Slippin’ And Slidin’

World Of Fantasy / Playgirl’s Love

Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (A City Slick) / I’m A Lonely Guy

Stay / Goodnight My Love

That’s All Right / Rockin’ Little Angel

Say Man / The Clock Strikes Twelve

Come Dance With Me / Vivian

Harper Valley P.T.A./Yesterday All Day Long Today


No Regrets / Keep Your Love Handy

Lovers / Dear Diary

Forever On My Mind / I’m Gonna Find Out

School Is Out / One Million Tears

Warm Summer Breezes / Heartbreak

Billy Is The Boy / A Tear Fell From My Eyes

Sing Sing Sing / 4 D Cha Cha

Oooh, Baby Baby/the Girl I Love

My Block / Dry Your Eyes

The Hunch / Hot Cross Buns

The Ten Commandments Of Love / Padre

Ain’t It Baby / The Only One I Love

Peeping And Hiding / Every Night

Love A La Mode / No Stone Unturned

Introducing Ted Rivers

Daddy’s Home / This I Know

Welcome Home Baby / Mama Here Comes The Bride

Big John / Twenty-one

Not For All The Money In The World / Foolish Little Girl

31 Flavors / It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Stop The Music / It’s Love That Really Counts

Hello Lonesome / The Chair

Hello Lonesome / The Chair

Attack / See How They Run

Walk Don’t Run / Home

Say That You Care / She’s Neat

You Can Make It If You Try / Closer To You

Beau Brummels Volume 2

Old Spanish Town / She Went That-a-way