On Revival Day

God’s Last Altar Call


Best Of The Gospelaires

The Catholic Mass In English

Keep On Singin’



A Perfect Day

The McClellan-Akers Singers


The Sacred Side Of Jackie Davis

Gospel 1937-1941


Rock Gospel – The Key To The Kingdom

You Don’t Know Like I Know

Message In The Sky

Light Of Love / That Ain’t Right

That Ain’t Right / Light Of Love

Girl Of My Dreams / Sentimento

Peace Is Blowin In The Wind

Togetherness (sealed)

Hello Sunshine / In Concert

River Of Life

I Never Heard A Man

Run Come See Jerusalem / Ole Gator

Goodbye Bing Elvis And Guy / One More Christmas

Songs Of Faith

Dry Bones

Encore Collection

Volume One

Rock Gospel – The Key To The Kingdom

Just As I Am

Sings Spirituals And Gospel Songs

30 Top Christian Songs Of The Decade

Talking About My Baby / The Gallop

The Word

The Word

En Public Negro-spirituals Et Gospel

There’s Love In The World Tell The Lonely People / God Is Not Dead

Time / You’re Doin It On Your Own

Lewis Family-style Gospel

It’s Real

Lord Don’t Move That Mountain / Ain’t It Like Him

Loves Me Like A Rock / I’ve Been Born Again

God Save The Children / I’ll Be Blessed

Face To Face (sealed)

Joy Bells Ringing In My Soul

No Charge / No Charge Gospel Version

He’s A Rebel / You Light Up My Life

When The Love Light Starts Shining Through His Eyes / Friend

Keep Me Humble / O Lord Bless Me