Barefoot In The Park

Gone With The Wind

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

A Man Could Get Killed

Say Amen, Somebody


Step Up Revolution


The Hard Part Begins

Brother On The Run

The Cool Mikado

Le Coup Du Parapluie

Krakatoa East Of Java

King Of Hearts

Petey Wheatstraw (ost)

H.G. Well’s The Time Machine 125 Gram

Ode To Billy Joe

Raintree County

Come Back Charleston Blue

Stars Singing Their Filmhits

L’empire Des Sens

Lady In Cement

The Agony And The Ecstasy

The Moment Of Truth

The Long Ships

Will Penny

Plays Music From Gigi

Sodom And Gomorrah

La Baule Les Pins


Summer Night Fever

Spirit Of St-louis

Dance Remix Lapti Nek From The Soundtrack Of Return Of The Jedi

Medicine Ball Caravan

A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries


Torn Curtain


Que La Fete Commece

The Godfather Waltz / The Godfather Waltz

Virgin Ubiquity

Bagdad Caf


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Hell’s Belles


The Big Easy

In The Path Of The Conquistadors…?

City Of Joy

Steel And Glass

Automne, Octobre / Agee